London Based nutritionist - helping you reach your potential

About Me


My aim is to give you the confidence you are receiving the right information that has been crafted for your individual needs.

I am registered nutritionist supported by the correct governing body, challenging the lack of control surrounding nutritional advice. Unfortunately for the UK nutritionist is an unprotected licence, as a consequence we are surrounded by world of misinformation and myths with what really works.


My Background

I first developed an interest in nutrition after having struggled with my own dietary needs from a young age. As a baby I was diagnosed as a coeliac and since then understanding my dietary needs proved a challenge, particularly when playing netball to a high level. Nevertheless, my interest in nutrition grew rapidly to a point where I decided to study exercise, health and nutrition at university. After which I decided to continue this interest by completing an MSc in sport and exercise nutrition. Through my MSc I was able to gain full registration that adhered to governing body regulation (SENr).

I have quickly made a name for myself by working with highly professional teams, including being part of the London Scottish Rugby team. From here I worked with Barnsley FC and more recently Crystal Palace Youth and girls sides. In addition, I have very recently started working with some very specialised athletes such as WRC Rally drivers, 400m sprinters, women footballers and wheelchair tennis players. For each professional I have created extremely bespoke and unique plans and packages.

I have a keen interest in body composition, most specifically helping individuals lose unwanted fat and gaining lean muscle but most importantly teaching them to maintain these changes on a long term basis, making sustainable changes that can provide lasting improvements and quality of life.


- Undergraduate of Exercise, Health & Nutrition (BSc with Honours)

- Postgraduate of Sport & Exercise Nutrition (Masters Of Science)

- Registration with SENr (BDA)